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"ALT is a family story linked to the jewels of my grandparents that I started to wear by twisting them from their primary function: a watch chain as a necklace, a cufflink as a pendant, a brooch as a bracelet, wedding rings worn in accumulation... Over the years, those jewels have been transformed again but this time into a project, becoming the symbol of a constant alternative: unisex jewels that are shared, transgenerational and sustainable jewels, jewels made in France that echo my roots, family jewels. »

Theo Jaquet

Made in France

Made in France in silver and vermeil, precious and durable materials, each jewel requires multiple manufacturing steps. It passes through the expert hands of craftsmen in order to accompany you on a daily basis and travel through time.

What is silver?

Silver is a precious metal, according to French regulations, solid silver must contain 80% to 92.5% silver. This is the case of our jewelry made from water-resistant and hypoallergenic 925 silver.

What is vermeil?

Vermeil is a precious metal, unlike jewelry "dipped in a bath of gold, gilded with fine gold, or gold plated" which are made of different metals, vermeil jewelry is made of 925 silver and contains 2 to 5 times more gold. They are therefore more resistant and hypoallergenic.

The art of detail

Each ALT jewel is presented in a natural cotton pouch to protect it and accompany it on its travels. It comes with a certificate of authenticity in an envelope handmade from recycled hemp and linen in France.

Taking care of it

From the workshop to your hands, your jewel has required a lot of attention, which is why it will still need it:

Like all of us, he is not afraid of water but he prefers to be dry.
Like your skin, it does not like hydroalcoholic gels and chemical products.
Like many, he does not like violence, only gentleness. So avoid brutalizing it and clean it with a soft cloth.


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